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[Fanfic] Could This Be Love? - Prologue

cTbL 2

It is a hot summer day. Nakajima Yuto is taking a nap under a tree at the park while enjoying the afternoon breeze. His class just finished a while ago, and he doesn’t feel like going back to his room yet. Well, he always likes that. He prefers to be alone during his free time.

“Ne, isn’t that Yuto-kun?” said a curly haired girl to her friend when she spotted him under the tree.

“Un, I think that’s him. Why don’t you try that right now?” replied her friend while pushing the curly haired girl.

“Ehh, but I don’t have confident he will accept my confession. I mean, he always rejected others too before this.” The curly haired girl said nervously.

“That’s true, I wonder why he’s like that. Gosh! Look at him, he’s so hot and one of the top students too! But, he seems lonely.” Her friend said with a curious tone.


Yaotome Hikaru is busy texting using his phone. Suddenly a smack landed on his head making him jumped a bit on his chair.

“OI! What’re you doing here? You’re not helping me at all. I thought you’re searching the journal for our assignment at the library.” Said Yabu Kota, Hikaru’s best friend that is coming from behind.

Hikaru just grinned at his friend. “Sorry Yabu. I’ve got some thing to do. Tomorrow I’ll go check them out at the library. Promise!” Hikaru raised his hand as he making promise to Yabu.

“What is it? Like I just know you from yesterday. So, you got hooked with another girl huh?” Yabu rolled his eyes.

They have been friends since they were freshmen, and he knows Hikaru very well. Being a medical student is tough. Although Hikaru likes to play around with girls, he always maintains his study. Naturally, he’s one of those that are blessed with a genius brain.

“Hai..hai..Yabu-kun. I can’t let go of this one. She’s reaaally cute! We’ll have a date after this. Ah, I have to fetch her right now. See you tomorrow, bro!” Hikaru quickly stood up and skipped along the way, leaving Yabu behind.


“I think Miss Erika likes you, Mikki. If not, why did she always aim at you to present your project? There’s a rumor saying that she’s fond of younger man, you know.” Shida Mirai said with a smirk while nudging at Kamiki Ryuunosuke as they walked to the cafe. Mikki is his nickname called only by Mirai since them being friends.

“Heehh.. You’re saying it again. How many times do I have to say, that’s not the problem. I’m tired at always being called during class. Why doesn’t she leave me alone for a day?” Ryuunosuke sighed.

“You should be proud. You’re her favorite student, I bet she will give you high mark in the test too.” said Mirai carelessly.

“Hey! Thanks but I want to be judge by my effort. You should know that too.” Kamiki retorted.

“Mikki, you’re naive as usual.” Mirai said while giving a pity look to Ryuunosuke.

Before Ryuunosuke could resist to that remark, their argument are interrupted by Yamada Ryosuke who are chasing after them since a while ago.

“You guys sure walk very fast! Ryuu, you head out right after the class finish. Here, Miss Erika gave us this task to complete before next class.” Yamada gave the paper to them while panting.

“Sorry Yama-chan. By the way, thanks for this.” Ryuunosuke said raising the paper.

“Miss Erika told me to give that to you actually. She never forgets you, bro!” Yamada said still catching his breath.

Mirai tried to stifle her laugh, while Ryuunosuke just sighed for the nth times.


“Umika-chan! Where are you going?” Ohgo Suzuka spotted her roommate, Kawashima Umika in front of the library.

“Suzu-chan! I just finish my class. Now, I want to return this book to the library. Are you going back already?” said Umika all smiling.

“Yes! Why don’t you go return that book quickly? I’ll wait you here, and then we can go back together. I have something to tell you. Come on!” replied Suzuka excitedly.

“Okay. Wait a minute. I’ll return this book first.” Umika quickly entered the library.


This story depicts the life of university students who are still searching the meaning of true love. The love towards themselves, the love towards their family, the love towards their friends, and lastly the love towards someone special that are destined to be with them. What will happen when they faced the encounters that they never expect in their life? Could they find eternal happiness? Life is too short; sometimes we need to expect the unexpected.

A/N: Thanks for reading! I'm sorry if there are so many grammar mistakes.
       Chapter 1 will be post soon. :)