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[Fanfic] Could This Be Love? - Chapter 1

“Ehhhhhh!! Yabai! I’m late already.” Ryuunosuke jumped from his bed. Its 8 a.m. in the morning and his class should have started now. He rushed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Then, while picking his shirt, he saw his senpai, Hikaru who is still sleeping soundly on his bed.

“Hikaru-kun, don’t you have any class this morning?” Ryuunosuke tried to wake him up. Usually Hikaru has class early in the morning.

“Emm, what time is it now? I have a test today.” He said while brushing his eyes still feels sleepy.

“Really? Its 8.10 a.m. already.” Replied Ryuunosuke while packing his things. He needs to hurry before Miss Erika find out he is late.

Hikaru’s eyes opened widely upon hearing the reply. He is fully awake now. “Yabai!! I’m late!” Then he jumped from his bed. Unfortunately, his foot is stuck and stumbled on his blanket. He fell down rolling on the floor until he stopped in front of the bathroom door.

“Oh shit!” he cursed, and then he stood up. “Fuhh, nice rolling,” when he found out he is already in front of the bathroom.


Ryuunosuke quickened his pace to the class while complaining to himself how mean Yuto is because he didn’t wake them up. It seems that Yuto had gone to class when they woke up late this morning.

He opened the door to the class and stepped inside with an apologetic smile to Miss Erika who is explaining something in front of the class.

“Ah, Kamiki-kun. Are you feeling unwell? Why are you late?” asked Miss Erika worriedly when she saw him.

“No, I’m fine. I just overslept this morning. I’m sorry for coming late,” he replied.

“Oh, it’s okay Kamiki-kun. It’s good that you are not sick. Now, please take your sit.” Miss Erika smiled at him. Half of the class is whispering to each other now. They know, before this Miss Erika has been wondering around the class to find him. Mirai at the back smiled naughtily. She had found something to make fun of Ryuunosuke today.


After the class, Ryuunosuke went to the cafe with Yamada to take his 'brunch'. Meanwhile Mirai went somewhere with her other girlfriends. He spotted Yuto at the cafe eating alone, so he decided to accompany him. Plus, he needs to settle a matter with him.

“Mou~ Yuto..you meany.. How dare you didn’t wake me up this morning. I was late you know.” Said Ryuunosuke without any greeting to Yuto while putting his tray in front of him. Yamada is still choosing his food at the counter even though he already ordered a bowl of ramen and two sandwiches.

Yuto raised his head a bit and then continues to eat again after he saw Ryuunosuke.

“Really? I tried to wake you guys up but it seems like you really likes to sleep. Maybe you should set your alarm clock to the loudest volume after this. I don’t want to waste my voice and energy waking up a sleepy-head like you every morning.” Replied Yuto steadily.

Ryuunosuke frowned, then he just continues to eat. Finally he know he had lost to Yuto's rational.

“Yuto-kun, ohaiyo!” said Yamada who just arrives at their table cheerfully. He put his tray beside Ryuunosuke and sat down. Yuto smiled at him.

“You! How can you eat ALL OF THAT?!” Suddenly Ryuunosuke said while pointing to Yamada’s tray that has a bowl of ramen and rice porridge, two sandwiches, a plate of salad, and a cup of caramel pudding.

“I’m so hungry. It’s a package for breakfast and lunch, you know.” Said Yamada with his mouth full of porridge.

Suddenly Yamada choked and he quickly drinks the juice near him.

“Oi! That’s my juice!” Ryuunosuke made an unsatisfied face to Yamada.

“Ahh, sorry! I forgot to buy my own. I’ll buy you another one after this.” Yamada said while wiping his mouth.

“I can’t believe you. How can you remember to order ALL OF THESE FOOD, but forgot your drink?” Ryuunosuke sighed.

Meanwhile Yuto who just witness them bickering with each other, finally remembered that he has to leave. “Anoo.. I need to leave now, I’ve to consult my lecturer.”

After that, he quickly left the two who still not finish with their argument. He had made an appointment to consult Mr. Yamashita at 11.00 a.m. about his assignment.

In front of the engineering department, suddenly someone called his name. It is Umika. She fastened her steps towards Yuto.

“Yuto-kun, where are you going?” Umika smiled at him.

“I need to consult Mr. Yamashita about our assignment.” Yuto said and they continue to walk into the department.

“I want to meet him too. Let’s go together then.”


After the consultation, Yuto and Umika walked together to their class. Yuto is silent as usual. As far as he never care about girls, but being with Umika is something different to him. She is his childhood friend. He knows Umika is not the same like other girls in the college that just chasing him because of his look. He feels comfortable when she is around although he never tell that to her.

“It’s been a while I didn’t meet with Kazu-niichan. How is he doing?” suddenly Umika broke the silence between them.

“He’s fine. I just talked to him last night.” Replied Yuto.

“Yokatta~ next time you call him, please send my regard to him. I’m sure he’s trying his best at work.”

“Don’t you know, he's already quit his job at the company last month?”

“Ehh, why?”

“Because he got an offer to be an executive at a bank. That’s what he’s currently doing now.”

“That’s great! I’m happy to know that. Yuto-kun, you should tell me that earlier. I wish to meet him soon. He promised to treat me to dinner long time ago.” Umika turned to be excited.

“Really? He never treats me anything yet after he got the new job. He should treat his brother first!” Yuto said jokingly. Umika laughed at his statement. Slowly the tension between them lessens.


Hikaru is at the library searching for the journal as he promised Yabu yesterday. Luckily he didn’t miss too much time during the test that morning because it started late. Moreover, Mrs. Yamashita was kind as usual to give him extra time. He didn’t have problem to answer the test as Physiology is his favorite subject and Mrs. Yamashita is his favorite lecturer. Well, she is one young, pretty and sweet woman. Hikaru even mistook her as being single during the first class and tried to flirt with her. After knowing she is newly married to Mr. Yamashita Tomohisa, a handsome engineering lecturer, he gave up.

“Last time I checked, the journal was here. Why it’s not here now?” Hikaru mumbled to himself as his hands are busy flipped the journals pages.

After tired searching for the missing journal, he decided to try the online searching at the computer lab. On the way to computer lab, he spotted Yabu at one of the tables reading something alone. He changed direction and walked towards Yabu.

“Yabu, I cannot found the journal for our assignment. I’ve been here for an hour, you know.” Hikaru pulled out a chair and sat down across Yabu.

“Huh? Do you mean this journal?” Yabu said as he showed Hikaru the journal that he is reading; Altered Cell Cycle Regulation.

“Yes, this one! Gehh, Yabu… why don’t you tell me earlier you got it first? I wasted my time.” Hikaru sighed.

“Ah, sorry. It’s because you finished the test late, so I decided to find it first.” Yabu said while massaging his nape. “By the way, I’d understood half of it and found a few important points. You can check it later.” He continued and they proceed to discuss their assignment.

At the same time, not far from their table, there’s a group of girls enjoy watching the two good-looking guys seriously discussing their assignment.

“Ne..ne.. look at them. Yabu-kun and Yaotome-kun looking so smart!” said one of the girls to her friends.

“Dayo ne.. two famous hot guys, plus they’re the elite medical students! They sure have many admirers. I also heard that Yaotome-kun is super rich.” replied another girl.

“Is that so? No wonder I heard that Yaotome-kun always changed his girlfriend. He has the look, brain, and money. He can get whatever he wants easily. I bet any girls could hardly reject him,” said a specky girl.

“Ehem..girls! We are trying to brainstorm for our new project here. Save your gossips for later, okay!” Suddenly one of the girls said in a loud voice. Immediately she received ‘shhhh’ from her friends at the same time.

“What? You’re the ones who should keep silent, not me!” She retorted.

“Your voice is too high, Mirai. We’re in a library. Look, now others are looking at us.” The specky girl reminded her.

Her friends are right, everyone near them now are looking at them including Yabu and Hikaru.

“That shoulder-haired girl is cute.” Hikaru said in low voice still looking at Mirai who were scolded by her friends. When Mirai tried to look around, her eyes caught his eyes. Hikaru waved a little while smiling to her. Unfortunately Yabu caught him flirting with the girl, so he smacked Hikaru’s head and said “Oi! What’re you doing?”

Hikaru just grinned at Yabu and made a mental note that he will make sure to get to know the girl after this.

“Ehh..Yaotome-kun waves at you, Mirai!!” her friends squealed. Mirai who is still shocked by what had happened turned to look at her back. 'Maybe he waved at someone behind me', she thought. However, there’s a wall behind her, so that’s not possible he waved at the wall.

“Me?” she asked her friends. They nodded almost immediately. “I see, he must be interested to you. You’re lucky!” one of her friends said.

“Really? What’s so special about him? You said he’s a playboy. I’m not falling into his trap, you know.” Mirai said to her friends while gathering her stuff. “I guess I’ll go first. See you tomorrow, girls.” She said and left her friends.

“Wow, she’s strong. Hmm.. I hope she will not regret of what she just said.” The specky girl said to another two girls and they burst out laughing.

A/N: Thanks for dropping by to read. I wonder if there is anyone reading my fic. Please comment what do you think about my fic. I'm sorry if there are so many grammar mistakes. >___<


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Oct. 25th, 2012 09:09 am (UTC)
i wonder what story will this become....
hehe *proceed to the next chapter
Oct. 25th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
Hi Mieyha,so my sis promote this fanfic to you? Haha
Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! :) Really appreciate it.
Happy reading! ^_^
Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
i just found this, will comment properly after read it, i'm yuto baited actually.. ^^
Nov. 24th, 2012 05:38 pm (UTC)
okay.. please comment later. :) This is my first fanfic, so maybe I need some critics or comments from my reader. By the way, I made Yuto in a cool character here. Hope you like it ^^
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