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[Fanfic] Could This Be Love? - Chapter 2

Konnichiwa~! My 3-months long holidays is over now. New semester is starting. And here I'm updating the second chapter. Happy reading! :)

cTbL 2

Hikaru is lying on his bed listening to his iPod. He thought about the shoulder-haired girl in the library. He is frustrated because he missed the chance to know her. She had gone just after a few minutes he waved at her.

At the same time, Ryuunosuke entered their room while picking on his teeth. He is just coming back from the cafe. “Tadaima.. Hikaru-kun, where’s Yuto?“ He greeted Hikaru as he put down the food that Yuto ordered from him on his desk.

“Oh, okaeri Ryuu.. Yuto’s taking the bath.” Hikaru replied as he put off his iPod. “Ne, Ryuu.. Wanna accompany me to buy my little brother’s present tomorrow night?” Hikaru asked Ryuunosuke. He doesn’t know what he should give to him. So, he thought maybe Ryuunosuke has a better idea.

“Ah, Satoshi’s birthday is coming soon, ne.. Erm, alright. I don’t have any plan for tomorrow night too.” Ryuunosuke replied.

“Yosh, thanks!” Hikaru said while trying to ruffle the top of Ryuunosuke’s hair. Ryuunosuke who is aware of the usual attack from Hikaru stepped back to avoid his hands.

Yuto is just coming out from the bathroom and he found his roommates are wrestling on the floor. He just shrugged it off and went ahead to dry his hair.He knows that is just one of Hikaru’s ways to tighten their bonding as roommates like he said before.

“Ne, Yuto..Do you want to come along with us tomorrow night?” Hikaru asked Yuto as he tried to get up from the floor. Finally Ryuunosuke is left lying on the floor alone after he lost to Hikaru.

“Huh?” Yuto still didn’t get what he meant.

“We wanna go buy a present for my brother. After that, we can hang out. It’s been a while we didn’t spend time together.” Hikaru explained to Yuto.

“Sounds good. Count me in.” Yuto said as he offered a hand to Ryuunosuke to help him to get up.

“Mou, Hikaru-kun is too strong for me.. This is bullying you know. Anyway, thanks Yuto.” Ryuunosuke frowned.

“Wow! It’s rare that Yuto wanna join us to hang out. Right Ryuu?” Hikaru said totally ignoring Ryuunosuke’s complaint, his eyes beamed with happiness. Ryuunosuke nodded.

“I just need to breathe some fresh air after these hectic weeks.” Yuto gave a reason.

“Aww, come on Yuto.. Just admit that you miss spending time with us..” Hikaru grinned widely as he ruffled Yuto’s hair. Yuto tried to push his hands and there they go again. Now, it is Yuto’s turn. Ryuunosuke sat down on his bed and let out a long breathe.


“Umika-chan, help me!” Suzuka almost shouted when she saw Umika entered their room.

“What happen, Suzu-chan?” Umika rushed to her side worriedly, she thought something bad had happened to her.

“I have a problem.” Suzuka said with a gloomy face. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She’s tired from thinking too much. Umika is the one who always ready to hear her problem and try to help her.

“Tell me what your problem is?” umika said as she patted her back.

“I need a model.”


“I need a model to present my latest design for final semester assessment.”

“What happen to your usual model?”

“Umika-chan, she’s a girl. This time I need a guy.”

“A guy?!”Umika seems a bit surprised.

“Yes. I decided to try to design a guy clothes this time. But I still didn’t find any suitable model.”

“Etto..How should I help you?” Umika tilted her head. Her mind cannot process the solution to help Suzuka this time.

“Can you suggest to me some of your friends who are suitable to be models? I asked a few guys already but they declined my offer.” Suzuka looks like she is beginning to cry.

“Suzu-chan, don’t cry..Okay, I guess I’ll try to help you. But please give me some time.” Umika hugged Suzuka trying to comfort her.

“Thanks Umika-chan. But I need the model as soon as possible because I need his measurements to start sewing the clothes. I don’t have much time anymore.” Suzuka replied.

“I have a friend.” Umika said after a while. Yuto is the one on her mind right now. Although she knows that Yuto probably will decline the offer, she decided to try to persuade him. Furthermore, she cannot stand to see Suzuka looking very sad. That’s not suits her as Suzuka that she knows is a bubbly girl.

“Really? Can you ask him tomorrow? I can accompany you too, if you want.” Suzuka wiped her tears.

“It’s okay. Let me ask him first, and then after he has agreed, you can meet him.”

“Is he suitable to be a model?”

“Un, I think he can be a perfect model for you.” Umika said while making a perfect sign with her fingers. There’s no other that she thinks can be a perfect model for Suzuka. Yuto has the perfect figure to be a model. He is tall and good-looking too.

“You know what? I love you, Umika-chan. I really do!” Suzuka hugged Umika tightly and began to sob like a baby. Umika just smiled and patted her back like a mother.


The next day.

Yuto’s phone is vibrating indicates incoming mail. He opened it and read the mail.

Yuto-kun, are you busy? Sorry if I’m disturbing you. Can we meet at Himawari park in front of the Student Center at 2 p.m.? I want to ask a favor from you- Umika

He replied ‘okay’ to her mail. He wondered what kind of favor Umika wants to ask from him. He checked his watch, it’s 1.20 p.m. There is still enough time to have lunch at the cafe. So he gathered his stuff on the table and exited the library.


Umika snatch her bag from the locker while checking her watch. It’s already 2.10 p.m. She needs to hurry up. The meeting for the Photography Club finished later than she expected. As the secretary of the club, her hands now are full with the files from the meeting. She walked faster regretting that she had made Yuto wait for her.

All of a sudden, she bumped into someone when she round into the corner. All of the files on her hands fall down and scattered on the floor.

“Ahh.. I’m sorry.” Said the guy who bumped into her while trying to help her to gather the files back.

“No, it’s my fault actually. I’m so sorry.” Umika said without looking at the guy. After she got all the files back, she thanked him and quickly walked away.

Meanwhile, Yuto is at the park already. He checked his watch for the third time. Then, he checked his phone if Umika had sent any mail to him but there’s none.

“Yuto-kun! Sorry I’m late. The meeting had finished later than I expected.” Umika arrived at the park a few minutes later.

“It’s okay. I know you’re busy. So, what’s up?” Yuto asked.

Umika sat down beside him. She took a long breathe before she speaks out about the matter.

“Anoo.. Actually, emm.. My friend, she..” Umika feels nervous, she’s afraid Yuto will not agree.

“What’s the matter?” Yuto asked again feeling a little impatient.

“Yuto-kun, can you be a model?” Umika asked him straight to the point.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Yuto raised his eyebrow.

“My friend, she really needs a model for her final semester project. She’s a fashion designer course student. Every guy that she asked, declined her offer, plus she doesn’t have much time before the final. I hope you are willing to help her. She’s my roommate. I swear she’s a good girl.” Umika explained briefly to Yuto. She clenched her hands tightly on her lap hoping that Yuto will agree to help.

“……. so, why I’m the chosen one?”

“Because she asked for my help. And I think you’re the one that suitable to be her model. Please Yuto-kun~” Umika pleaded.

“Are you serious? I’m sorry but I don’t..”

“PRETTY PLEASE,YUTO-KUN~~ she feels very down right now. As her roommate and bestfriend, I can’t stand to see her like that. She just needs your agreement, then taking your measurements and you just have to be present during the day of assessment. She will not take much of your time.” Umika cut him off before he can decline the offer.

“……. I can’t give you my answer right now. Let me think about it first.” Yuto said. He could see that Umika is sincere to help her friend.

“Okay.. I’m sorry this is so sudden. Tell me if you agree to be her model.” Umika smiled bitterly to Yuto. Deep inside her heart, she felt relief because Yuto is willing to think about it first. He nearly declined the offer just now.


That night.

“Hikaru-kun, why don’t you give him a shirt?” Ryuunosuke said when they walked pass a clothes store. They are at the shopping mall searching for Hikaru’s little brother, Satoshi’s birthday present.

“No..No.. I’d given him a shirt last year. I want something different..” Hikaru replied. He pressed his index finger to his forehead thinking hard of what he should give to Satoshi.

“How about a watch?”Another suggestion from Ryuunosuke.

“Nope! Recently I’d given that to him for his improvement in final test.” Another rejection from Hikaru.

“A camera like this?” This time Ryuunosuke showed his DSLR camera that hung around his neck.

“He’s already got it from my dad.” Hikaru scratched his head.

“Ehh.. Then, let’s try searching his present in that shop.” Ryuunosuke attempted to joke while pointing to the Toys"R"Us store. However, he earned a smack on his head from Hikaru.

“Baka~ my brother is not a kid anymore.. He’s turning 17 soon..” Hikaru said as they laughed.

“Hikaru-kun, what is his hobby recently? Or something like his latest interest?” Finally Yuto spokes from behind them.

“Etto.. Hah! He’s learning to play the guitar recently. He said he joined the music club at his school.” Hikaru said while clasping his hands.

“Then, why don’t you give him a guitar?” Yuto suggested.

“Yuto, why don’t you ask that earlier?! We’ve been walking for hours in this mall~” Ryuunosuke said.

“Oi..Oi.. That’s exaggerating. We just walk for half an hour only. Who told you to give me useless ideas? It’s seems that Yuto is smarter than Ryuu. Thanks Yuto, you’re a genius!” Hikaru said while pushing Ryuunosuke to the side and then placing his hand on Yuto’s shoulder.

Ryuunosuke pouted and rolled his eyes. “Okay, let’s go to a music store!” Hikaru said happily as he dragged Yuto along with him.

After Hikaru bought a guitar for Satoshi, they went to eat at a restaurant. While eating, they chatted along about their latest activities. Even though they are roommates, they rarely have time to chat freely like this because of busy schedules. Plus, they are from different courses.

Hikaru complained about the girl at library that he never gets to know, telling them how frustrated he was. Ryuunosuke also told them about a girl that bumped into him that afternoon. He helped her to pick up her things that fall down but there was a planner that she missed to pick. Apparently, she was in a hurry, so he decided to keep that planner and will return it back to her tomorrow or so. Meanwhile Yuto told them about the model thing that Umika asked him that afternoon. He asked his roommates opinions about that.

“Uwaahh~! Model?! Why not, Yuto? You surely suits to be one, I tell you!” Hikaru exclaimed.

“Ii ne, Yuto! Hikaru-kun is right. Just accept the offer!” Ryuunosuke said supporting Hikaru.

“Calm down guys, I’m not being scouted by an agency yet. This is just an offer to be a model from a girl for her final semester assessment.” Yuto said.

“Yeah, but who knows maybe this is a chance for you to be a real model.” Ryuunosuke said.

“Chotto matta~! You said this is an offer from a girl?” Suddenly Hikaru asked. Yuto nodded.

“Yosh! Is she cute? If you don’t want to be her model, I can replace you.” Hikaru smirked at Yuto. He pulled up one of his legs to put on another one and trying to pose like a model. Ryuunosuke quickly grabbed his camera and snap Hikaru’s photo.

Yuto raised an eyebrow upon seeing their silly action. “Okay, I decided to accept the offer.” He said immediately making Hikaru almost fell off his chair. Ryuunosuke laughed uproariously at Hikaru’s antics.

After they ate, they went to play bowling. Unfortunately, Hikaru lost the game and Ryuunosuke suggested that he has to treat them to ice-cream as a punishment. They really enjoyed the ‘guy’s day out’ and finally went back to their hostel by Hikaru’s car late at night.

A/N: As usual, I'm sorry if there are so many grammar mistakes. I'm not a good writer.


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Oct. 25th, 2012 02:45 pm (UTC)
hikaru fall for mirai~? uwahh >///<
Oct. 25th, 2012 05:23 pm (UTC)
Hehe.. Can't help it, he's a playboy after all :D *gomen Hikaru,only in this fic lol :p
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