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[Fanfic] Could This Be Love? - Chapter 3

I'm at home right now!  It's mid-semester break just for 1 week. -__-" I wished it could be longer..
I would like to wish my friends who will celebrate Aidil Adha this coming Friday, Selamat Hari Raya Qurban! :)
Enjoy reading this new chapter.


“Not here..” Umika said as her hands are busy rummaging through her bag to find her planner. She has to properly write yesterday’s meeting details to be submitted to the adviser of the club. Therefore, she needs the planner because she had jotted down all the details in the planner.

“What are you searching for?” said Suzuka who just woke up.

“My planner. It’s not in my bag.” Umika is getting worried.

“Maybe you kept it somewhere else.” Suzuka tried to help her roommate. She walked to Umika’s desk to search it there.

“I always keep it in my bag.” Umika sat on her bed trying to remember yesterday’s event. “Ah! I was in a hurry yesterday, maybe I carried it together with the files.” Umika pointed to a pile of files on her desk.

Suzuka checked in between the files, maybe it was stuck in there. “Not here too..” Suzuka said. Umika double-checked the files but to no avail. She paused for a while to think again.

“Umm.. Actually I bumped into someone at the Student Center yesterday and all my files fell down on the floor.”

“Don’t tell me you missed to pick up your planner..”

“Ahhh~! I think you’re right. I’m so careless.” Umika sighed.

“Maybe that person picked it up for you?”

“I hope so.. But, I don’t know him. Plus, I don’t remember his face.”

“Ehh.. Then how can you find him?”

“I’ll try to check at the place first. Who knows maybe I can meet him there again if he really picked up my planner.”

“Good idea. Well, good luck Umika-chan. I’m sure you will find it back.” Suzuka tried to assure Umika.

Suddenly Umika received a mail in her phone. It’s from Yuto. She quickly opened and read the mail.

“Suzu-chan! He agrees! He agrees to be your model!” Umika exclaimed after she read the mail. Yuto told Umika his decision to accept the offer. After they went back to their hostel last night, Yuto thought again about the offer all night long. Although he felt uneasy to be a model, he thought helping others won’t hurt him. Moreover, he could tell that Umika is sincere to help her friend.

“Really?! Oh my.. How can I thank you, Umika-chan? Is that him?” Suzuka screamed in happiness.

“Yup! I also can’t believe this. He nearly rejected my offer yesterday.” Umika said.

“So, can I meet him today?” Suzuka asked.

“I’ll ask him first. I can accompany you to meet him today too.”

“Thank you very much, Umika-chan!”


That afternoon.

Yuto is at the park waiting for Umika and her friend. From Umika’s mail that morning, he got to know the girl’s name. Ohgo Suzuka, a 2nd year fashion designer course student. So, they are in the same age. He wondered how her personality is. He just hoped that they can work together without any problem.

From afar, Yuto could see Umika is walking towards the park with a girl taller than her. Umika is wearing the casual outfit with a pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt, while the girl beside her is more stylish with a checkered blouse, a red skirt and a pair of boots.

Yuto who is sitting on a bench waves at Umika when she couldn’t find him.

“Yuto-kun, sorry to make you wait.” Umika said as they walked closer towards Yuto.

“It’s okay. I’m the one who came here a bit earlier.” Yuto said.

“So, here is Ohgo Suzuka. Suzu-chan, this is Nakajima Yuto” Umika introduced both of her friends to each other.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m really glad you agreed to be my model. I’m looking forward to work with you. Yoroshiku ne~” Suzuka hold out her hand to Yuto.

“Nice to meet you too.” Yuto shook her hand.

Suzuka smiled at Yuto. Umika is right, she also thinks he is perfect to be a model. ‘He’s gorgeous!’ Suzuka thought silently. She can already imagine how he will look like in the clothes that she had designed.


Ryuunosuke opened the planner of the girl that bumped into him as he walked to the student center. Since yesterday, he never opened the planner. He decided to return it to her today. So, he thought maybe there’s some information about the owner in the planner. As expected, on the first page, the girl’s name is written.

Kawashima Umika,
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

‘Oh, this girl is an engineering student,’ Ryuunosuke thought. Suddenly it clicked on him that Yuto is also in the same course as her. “Maybe Yuto knows this girl. Mou~ why don’t I check it earlier?” This time Ryuunosuke mumbled to himself.

He is now at the student center, the place where she bumped into him yesterday. He thought maybe she had realized about her missing planner and possibly she will be there to search for it. His eyes are wondering around the place looking for the girl. He still remembers her face although she was in a hurry. Well, maybe because he was quite interested with her cute face and polite manner.

After fifteen minutes waiting at the place, there’s still no sign that she will be there. Ryuunosuke took out his phone and dialed Yuto’s number. He already tired of waiting even though he really hopes the girl will show up at the place. So, he decided to ask for Yuto’s help.

“Hello Yuto, where are you now?” Ryuunosuke said when Yuto answered his call.

“Oh, I’m walking to the student center right now. What’s up?” Yuto said. Umika and Suzuka are walking together with him too. They decided to discuss about the project at student center. Moreover, Umika wanted to search for her planner.

“Really? Good! I’m at student center now. Can we meet for a while?”

“What’s the matter? Can’t it wait until tonight? I have some work to do actually.”

“Ehh.. But this is important too. I need your help. I promise it will not take long. I just want to pass something to you.”

“What is it?” Yuto asked but suddenly he heard someone is calling his name. It is Ryuunosuke. There he is, standing in front of him already. Yuto ended the call and walked ahead than the two girls towards Ryuunosuke.

Meanwhile Ryuunosuke who is grinning earlier when he saw Yuto, suddenly wore a confused look on his face. He tried to remember again, and he is sure without any doubt, one of the girls who are walking with Yuto is the one that he is looking for.

“Hey, what do you want to pass to me?” Yuto asked when he reached to where Ryuunosuke is standing. However Ryuunosuke didn’t answer to his question. He is staring at Umika who is standing behind Yuto.

“Oh, they are my friends. We have a discussion after this.” Yuto said referring to the girls behind him. Umika and Suzuka smiled at Ryuunosuke.

“Ah I see, she’s your friend after all. Why don’t you tell me earlier?” Ryuunosuke said. Then he turned to Umika. Yuto blinked his eyes, didn’t understand what he meant.

“Anoo~ actually I want to return this to you.” Ryuunosuke said while handing the planner to Umika.

“Thank you! So, it was you whom I bumped into yesterday. I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. You’re Yuto-kun’s friend is it? What a coincident!” Umika who seemed surprised initially spoke after she got her planner back.

“Yes, I’m his roommate. Well this campus is not so big I guess..hehe..” Ryuunosuke tilted his head.

“Ahaha.. Maybe you’re right. I’m Kawashima Umika by the way.” Umika introduced herself as she hold out her hand.

“I’m Kamiki Ryuunosuke.” Ryuunosuke shook her hand. After that, he shook hand with Suzuka when Umika introduced her too.

“Ehem.. So, that is what it’s all about. Now I understood.” Finally Yuto spoke after he could really digest what actually happened in front of him.

“Kamiki-kun, thank you for returning my planner. I really appreciate it.” Umika said as she bowed down to Ryuunosuke.

“Iyaa~ you don’t have to mind, it’s my pleasure.” Ryuunosuke waved his hand in front of Umika who smiled sweetly to him.

After Ryuunosuke got to return the planner to Umika, Yuto and the girls excused themselves to go for their discussion. Meanwhile Ryuunosuke has a lecture class after that. So, he walked to the architecture department.

He is a bit earlier, so he just waited in the lecture hall when he found it is vacant. After a few minutes, several of his classmates including Mirai arrived. She decided to sit beside Ryuunosuke when she saw him smiling alone like an idiot at the back.

“Yo Mikki!” Mirai greeted Ryuunosuke with a slightly high voice as she slapped his shoulder making him startled. She started to laugh at his reaction.

“Hey, that’s not funny you know.” Ryuunosuke said irritatingly.

“No, it’s funny. You should see your face.” Mirai tried to settle her laughter as she sat down next to him. Ryuunosuke frowned.

“Seriously Mikki, you need to stop smiling like that when you’re alone. People will say that you’re crazy. Oh yes, it makes me wonder why in the world you look so happy today?” Mirai started to nag at Ryuunosuke.

“It’s..not..nothing..” Stuttered Ryuunosuke. He tried to hide his feeling. Actually he did felt very happy today. He didn’t understand it too but somehow he felt really glad after the encounter with Umika just now. He was smiling alone because he was thinking about her.

“I’m so curious right now. I know there’s something happened before this. You’re not so good at lying, Mikki. Come on, share with me?” Mirai poked him.

“And why in the world should I share it with you?” he tried to imitate the way Mirai asked him earlier.

“Ehh.. Am I not your bestfriend? Of course you should share it with me.” Mirai rolled her eyes.

“Nope! I’m his bestfriend, right Ryuu?” suddenly Yamada came out of nowhere as he put his hand on Ryuunosuke’s shoulder.

“Hey, don’t just butt in like that. I’m having a sharing moment with Mikki right now. By the way, I’M HIS BESTFRIEND TOO~!” Mirai tried to shoo Yamada away from them.

“No, I want to know what happened to Ryuu too. This is a guy’s talk. You’re a girl, you know that?” said Yamada.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot it. EXCUSE ME! But I’m the one who asked him earlier and you’re the one who is out of place.” Mirai said sarcastically.

Both of Yamada and Mirai continue their silly argument. Meanwhile, Ryuunosuke who is stuck in the middle between those two, now ready to shut their mouths. Luckily, he didn’t get to speak his line because the lecturer has coming. Mirai felt unsatisfied, she made a sign to Ryuunosuke that he still needs to tell her after the class.


“Could it be you have fallen in love, Ryuu?” Yamada asked Ryuunosuke. They are now walking together with Mirai after their class ended. Mirai seemed surprised at his question.

“Ehh.. I don’t know. Guys, forget it. This is not important anyway.” Ryuunosuke replied.

“Gotcha! I know you have fallen in love. Don’t be shy, ask me anything.” Yamada said, feeling victory over Mirai.

“What are you saying, Yama-chan? How could Mikki fall in love? That’s..nonsense.” Mirai said when she saw the smirk on Yamada’s face. It just made her felt annoyed.

“He’s a human too. Of course he can fall in love. Why are you saying like that? Aahh, don’t tell me you’re jealous, huh Mirai-chan?” Yamada side-eyeing her while putting a hand to his chin.

“Huh? Why do I should be jealous? It’s not like..” Mirai retorted when suddenly Ryuunosuke cut her off.

“Guys, calm down please. Don’t fight over me. Yama-chan, I’m not saying anything. So, don’t just assume on your own, okay.” Ryuunosuke said raising both of his hands to stop his friends from bickering again. Mirai stuck her tongue out at Yamada. While Yamada just rolled his eyes.

It’s already late in the evening, Mirai decided to go back to her room. So, she went into separate way from the two guys. While she is walking to her room alone, she thought again about what Yamada said before. She didn’t know why but that made her felt so irritated. She had been friends with them more than two years already but they never seriously speak about love with each other. Maybe she can say that she had known about those two guys very well throughout these two years. And most importantly, she knew that their relationship is just as the best friends and not more than that.

Mirai clenched her chest. ‘No, I’m not jealous. That’s impossible,’ she said to herself. But the more she thought about it, the more it hurts her feeling. She tried to deny the fact that she is jealous but deep in her heart, she’s still not ready to see Ryuunosuke being close with another girl although he didn’t talk that he really had fallen in love. As the evening breeze blowing her hair, a drop of tear escapes her eye without her realized.

A/N: As usual, I'm sorry if there are so many grammar mistakes. I'm not a good writer and this is unbeta-ed.


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Oct. 25th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
first, selamat hari raya aidil adha to you too~!

how can mirai crying. so she did had a crush for kamiki. gyaaahh~ i'm already like this fic.. hehe, please update soon~ win-neechan
Oct. 25th, 2012 05:33 pm (UTC)
Eid mubarak! :)

Thanks my dear, I will update soon after my mid-semester exam. Just stay tune okay! ^0^ I added you as friend. I hope you'll add me back. Yoroshiku~
Oct. 26th, 2012 05:11 am (UTC)
ehh? i'm haven't add you? i haven't realized it. miha baka~
anyway, yoroshiku mo...
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